The cinemas are reopening their doors: ask for the program!

Hallelujah! After three months of forced closure due to the coronavirus, cinemas reopen their doors today, June 22, a Monday! This is how the government decided.Why not a Wednesday, the usual day for outings? The hard-pressed cinema world, with distributors and theater bosses in the lead, which is no longer a misunderstanding, was not going to let these forty-eight hours of rabbit pass.

You will be able to find most of the films showing before confinement, such as Martin Provost's “The Good Wife”, with Juliette Binoche and Yolande Moreau, whose 170,000 admissions in three days of operation heralded real popular success.also these beautiful discoveries that are “A son” by Mehdi M.Barsaoui with Sami Bouajila, “Vivarium” by Lorcan Finnegan with Jesse Eisenberg, “Trois Etés” by the Brazilian Sandra Kogut and some remarkable documentaries: “La Cravate”, a striking portrait of a far-right activist, "Capital in the 21st Century", a film extension of the best-seller by economist Thomas Piketty, or "Be Natural.The Hidden History of Alice Guy-Blaché", on the first woman filmmaker of history.A few novelties, too, including the Peruvian "Cancion Sin Nombre" and the beautiful South Korean animated film "We, the dogs".

The more promising titles will land after: "Tout Simply Noir" (July 8), a devastating comedy and a hot topicality, around the black cause and racism, with a delirious cast (Joeystarr, Eric Judor, Omar Sy, Matthieu Kassovitz…), “Eté 85” by François Ozon (July 14) and above all “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan (July 31), expected as the messiah, which should again rhyme cinema release and popular event.

Posted Date: 2020-12-21

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